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*For those who have not played this game, beware! For this comment may hold spoilers for all the routes.*

I've enjoyed what I've played of this game so far (I'm putting off the rest for until more of the game is completed). I really like the MC's ability, though I do think it would be nice to find out a little more about it. Mainly because I wonder about the implications of her relationships with the characters of the books. Like how the romantic relationships would play out in end for the fictional characters who don't actually exist (A.K.A. at this point, Max, Emil & Bianca); how that would affect the MC, whether she'd be able to eventually control where she enters the book's story from and what would happen when she reaches the end of the book (goodness, that seems depressing :O) . . .

When it comes to things outside of the books, I also kind of wonder about whether the effects of her interactions stay within the book she sleeps on or extends to all the books that share the same title (though I imagine it's likely the former). And since the photography book is an autobiography, would the MC's relationship with "book-world" Lucas affect the actual Lucas if they met in real life? I'm guessing not because Louis knew of things beyond his time in the science route. But would it really not have any effect at all other than on the MC's memories? (BTW, I've played three of the photography scenes, all the availible lit and philosophy and the first science ending. I put off photography 'cause it's almost complete.) I just kind of I wonder about how she'd deal with that . . . apologies, I wonder about a lot of things. XD 

It is also odd that so far only Max clearly realizes that you're not supposed to be . . for lack of a better word, there. XD He's also the only person to comment on how your appearance hasn't changed in the science and philosophy routes, where there are large gaps in time. Anyway, the only problem I had while playing was keeping track of how time passed in Demian. I got confused after the night when Emil was drunk, and couldn't calculate the characters' ages or the date from that point on. I liked reading Emil's diary to have an idea of what happened inbetween, but it left me befuddled, prolly 'cause I haven't even heard of the book before. So that's likely just on me. XD There was one other thing that was a tad confusing, the transition to the first microbiology ending was a little sudden and it took a moment for me to get a good sense of what going on. 

Oh, and there is the fact that the second microbiology ending continues to eluuude me! :O I really enjoyed what's in the game already and look forward to future updates. It's super cool that the art style changes in each book, therefore giving the MC a new a look. The cat's great and it's lovely to befriend her, I hope I took good care of her. X3 Hmm, this comment ended up much bigger than I wanted, hope it's not too troublesome. >_<