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Cupid is an amazing visual novel that is both dark, heartbreaking, and engaging. It is geared toward young adults. (For those of you having trouble installing the game or reaching a certain ending, the creators have very comprehensive guides available. Look through their social media posts.)

The beginning of the game describes the life of Rosa, a wandering, poor, orphan who finds refuge in a church after the church's priest brings her in to treat her wounds. She is described as strangely beautiful and confuses the priest by offering apologises to an unknown entity.  [WARNING: indirect spoilers ahead]

Rosa is a captivating character who grows and develops throughout the story. Her best friend, Catherine, is another character who players learn to love, pity, and possibly hate. All the characters in this story are complex, wounded, and searching for one thing: love. For some, the love they seek is from someone else; for others, the love they seek is selflove. 

Cupid is a great game. One of the things that make it great is the way it uses sex. In many romance novels/games/stories, sex is a means to an end. But in this game, sex is both beautiful and terrifying. It is through sex that the truth is revealed and the downfall begins. Overall, we see into the minds of the partners in such a well-versed script that leaves readers hot, bothered, intrigued and fearful for one of the parties involved.

One of the previous comments discussed trigger warnings. This game is not for people who are triggered by: mentions of sexual/verbal abuse, suicide, self-mutilation.