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Depending on what version of Fusion you have,  you can open up either the Standard or Plus (which requires the Fusion 2.5+ DLC) of RPM. It requires certain extensions to open up, though Fusion should give you the option to download the required files. It comes with a basic stage showing off the main features of RPM and a blank frame you can build your project from.

If you’re brand new to Fusion, I’d actually recommend getting more accustomed to how the program works and check out some tutorials on YouTube first. Though RPM is simple enough to let you apply a character and give it the essential movements right away (just add a character sprite to the player group and it’ll do the rest), it requires intermediate to advanced knowledge of Fusion to fully customize it.

There is a quick start guide for RPM and I’m open to answer a few questions about it, but I would get your feet a bit wet first before diving in. :)