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It was so wonderful seeing all the new side characters in the updated demo! They were all so colorful and lovely! I also gained a lot of new insight on the old LIs, while also revising my opinion on some of the newer ones (yes, this is about Jori, lol—happy, go-lucky guys aren't usually my type, but I ended up enjoying his side of the common route). I also loved the more blatant hints teasing Raenelle's past (I'm sooooo curious!). Aldrias is still my favorite character, and surprise surprise, I wanted to defend him when Casseia and Nanett were talking about him behind his back, haha. (I get why they were annoyed, but hey, that's my airheaded bookworm you're criticizing 😂. They're both so beautiful, though, and I especially love Casseia!)

Feel free to ignore this next part if you're not interested in copyedits at this point, but here are the writing errors I found in the dialogue/description box whilst playing the demo:

It should be, I thought I could hear him mutter my name under his breath, but his voice is so low... ["Is" is missing.]

It should be, You don't want your jokes to be heard by someone who takes it the wrong way and gets back to Mister Kevatos. [It should be "gets" plural, not "get" singular.]

It should be, Sebastien eyes me in exasperation but hurries out of the room without another word. [It should be "word" singular, not "words" plural.]

That's it! Again, if copyediting doesn't matter at this point, I totally understand! I just wanted to point these errors out, since I noticed them. 

I can't wait to see how the rest of the game pans out, and thank you all for your hard work. <3 Best of luck and health. 


Hi there! 

Thank you so much for playing the new demo and taking the time to leave a comment! :D I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it overall! Jori has definitely been the most controversial love interest by far, surprisingly. I'm glad that the new update changed your opinion a little about him! I promise his route has exciting things in store too ;)  

Thanks so much for pointing out the mistakes I missed in the demo! I'll definitely get around to applying the fixes for these textual errors as soon as possible. I appreciate it very much! Sometimes I make last minute edits to the script as I'm running through the game to test for visual errors, and then I end up creating issues in the text without noticing because I'm in a rush, haha.

Thank you again, and please take care! :)

I look forward to his route then, haha! :D And no problem—I'm glad I was able to help, and there's no shame in last minute edits! :) 

I wish you the best in luck and health. <3 Thanks for the lovely reply!