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How do I unzip the file?


If you right click the file and select 'Extract All', and then click 'Extract' on the window that comes up, it will create a new folder with the extracted files in

I got the game unzipped and started, but it brought me to a blurry room with a pulsing black circle.  In other games I've [layed, this means you can perform an action, but,  I have no arrow or hand to do this with.  What am I doing wrong?

Hi there, the controls for movement are arrow keys or WASD keys, and mouse movement to look around - to start with try walking around the room until there is something you can interact with (it will come up with the word of the object when you hover over it). The game is purposefully blurry at the beginning. If you do get stuck in the game, there's a helpful spoiler-free guide that's been made that should give you tips on where to go next if you aren't sure ->