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Jesus, you pump these games out like it is nothing :D

So I read in your guide that it will be emberassing watching LPs ( a link of mine is in the end of the comment, for those who are interested) since this one was not about humor - tbh I don't know why; in my very personal opinion this is the best game you created I have played so far (Granted I have not played all of your games I still think it is worth being mentioned). Here is why:

- The art is awesome, espacially one characters design I really liked, but for spoilerific reasons I'll keep this out of here.

- The story was awesome (allthough a bit confusing, but that might have been on my part, since I misunderstood a few thinngs)

- Big compliments to the composer. I love the music you create yourself, but some tracks were so good I am sad they will only be used for such a short game^^

- And as always good writing style. Espacially in short games so much stuff feels often rushed and out of place, somehow in your games everything seems always organic. Or at least most of the time^^

- The Game got me thinking (sadly I did not mention that in the video so I do it here) I actually tried to stratigically figure out stuff and that is more than one can expect from a very short VN.

So all in all huge thumbs up. I hope you win that contest. And I hope you make a few more serious games in the future. I love your humor and all, but that was really well done!

My Let's Play:
Let's Play: her tears were my light (Visual Novel) - Time & Space In Love


Hi, I'm the composer! I'm a huge fan of Nami's games, and I'm open to collaborating with her again in the future, so hopefully you'll get to hear similar music in another game!

Oh cool, thank you for answering^^ I would love to see that.


I really loved your song for Nil by the way. It was the perfect mixture of creepyness and misteryousness.

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