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It's so nice to hear back from the developer. $5-$7 would be perfect price of the game in my opinion. I will definitely try to get more eyes on this game as i am quite active in gaming community. Are you a solo game developer or do you have a team? What was your vision behind making The Master's Eye?

Thanks for the feedback, I will see if I can make the price work (I have invested quite a lot of money in the game to be honest, and there is also the VAT thing). It is very much appreciated that you will try to get more eyes on it.

  As for your other question, I am a solo developer based in the Netherlands.

The vision behind the Master's Eye was to create some kind of RPG game where the player has a lot of freedom. Also it had to be fantasy. I try to make games that I myself would like to play, but  with the things that I missed in other games  (yes, I am also a gamer), like freedom of movement and learning new skills on the way through the game. I wanted it to be a exploration, the main character is more or less ignorant of what is expected and what to expect when the journey begins and where it would lead to.

I can write a lot more about the game and how I came to make it, but I hope that this give some insight in the process.

Again thanks for the interest in the Master's Eye.