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Hey!  Can you share some more specific instruction on how to play?  I don't understand how you pick your words, people, etc?  Instructions only explain what to do when manifesting, unless I'm missing something.  Thanks!


Thanks for asking! This is a "play to find out" game, following some of the principles of the Powered By The Apocalypse system.  Both your ghost character and you, the player, start out without knowing any of that information, and you'll make it up on the spot as you play. 

For example, I might start out thinking about a scene with a person I'm haunting, maybe she's in a kitchen, mixing ingredients in a large bowl. I try to reach out and touch her shoulder, Manifesting Supernaturally, and roll the dice, getting a 3.

Reading that entry, "you break something important, but in doing so realize it is tied to your memories... of what they were to you", I might decide that when I reach out, the bowl starts to vibrate and breaks into several pieces, and I suddenly remember it, the blue ceramic with a pattern of white flowers, my mother's favorite bowl. I conclude, for now, that this person is my mother, and write this detail under the first "what they were to you" section.

Notably, I could end up changing my mind about that conclusion as I play: maybe later I see this person at my funeral talking with someone who looks like her, but older, and realize she's actually my sister. 


That is.. really cool. :)  Almost like an improv!  Thanks for example, it helps a lot.