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thank you so much for the beautiful comment!

Alas was always meant to be the more relatable character of the two, for sure. Even though he's being awful and reckless at the start of the game, he's much more capable of self-reflection and growth than Tris is, and his change of heart in both versions of the true end are meant to be an indicator that with a bit of a hand he's got this capacity to learn and adapt that Tris doesn't. The reason I think them making nice isn't an ideal solution is that, while they could have a /better/ relationship than what they've got, that doesn't make it their /best/ option overall -- that end was meant to satisfy the urge to see it happen, while also showing it's an imperfect solution. Alas is used to denying himself the life he wants because he's afraid of being alone, and him being given a push to go on some adventures and find a community he can really belong in should be healthier long-term. So the true end is basically meant to be a (slightly grouchier, romantic) version of this.

I'm glad that's what you got! I think that, generally, there are times where you want to pretend there isn't a fight happening, and there are times you want reassurance it's a fight you'll win. IN is intended for folks who need the latter.

Also re: a need for queer history VNs, my next big project is early 20th c, which is a bit outside the period you mentioned but maybe still of interest! It's another fight-you'll-win story, about a man with a hard-won sense of self-worth trying to find love and stability in a world that keeps trying to dehumanise him... sometimes literally. Title TBA, but we'll hopefully have some details public soon :V

That sounds super interesting! I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more about it as development goes on with the project :)