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Cool Idea.

Allowing the crosshair to follow the headset would be cool, cuz aiming with joystick sucks.

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Hey TimeGlitch,

Thank you for your support and feedback! Actually I have experienced different games where they use the head to aim and for some reason they just felt weird to me and so I wanted to approach the problem differently. 

I agree joystick is very inaccurate compared to mouse and even head aiming, but when looking at how people have no problems with using joystick to aim in console shooters I feel there is possibility for the mechanic even in a VR game. If I am able to design the game in such a way that isn't overly reliant on accurate aim then I predict using joystick to aim won't become a problem, in fact I want to believe it will enhance the experience.

I say this because it will allow the player to look around the cockpit without fear of affecting their current aim. Imagine you want to look at the zoom scope to spot far away enemies, or look at your radar which is below or your front screen, or maybe a map on your right screen. In either of these scenarios, all of a sudden your need to look elsewhere for critical information becomes a source of pain as it will direction affect your aim. But by removing this connection you are a pilot that has the freedom to look around your cockpit to access whatever you need without fear of ruining your aim.

And this freedom is exactly why I do not want to utilize head aiming. I agree that joystick aiming sux, but I am also confident I can make it not feel that way, and additionally I can use the freedom gained to make the act of looking around the cockpit a rewarding experience in and of itself.