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Found In The Grey is a one-page map-making exploration game with neat, clean layout. It also mysteriously doesn't show up at all when searched for, which is weird and thematic.

It generates something pretty akin to a dungeon map, so it may make more sense to play it indoors, and its map doesn't synch up perfectly with the real space you're travelling through (sometimes a space you can walk right through is a wall on the map, or vice versa) so it may cause a little bit of dissonance trying to process that.

The game's tone is quite positive, however, and the few things you can encounter are all objectively good. Found isn't heavy-handed with this, and it never says outright that it's prompting you to feel better and act more compassionately towards other people, but it does feel like maybe that might be the game's intent.

Overall, I think this is a really cool engine for generating maps and for connecting in a new way with a physical space. If you want to get a sense of what it's like to physically traverse a dungeon, this definitely offers that, and I think Found works great as both a game in its own right and as something to help with scenario design.

Minor Issues:

-Rooms feel pretty saturated with secrets, and the secrets feel a bit like they're more special as one-off encounters, rather than as repeatable things. A 5x5 room of notes from admirers feels particularly strange, and sets maybe more of a horror tone than intended.