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Dead Friend is a two-player trpg with strong layout, clever writing, and fascinating mechanics of play.

Specifically, it plays like a ritual, and the whole of the book leans into that feeling. There's elemental diagrams, moments of silence during gameplay are encouraged and respected, you play with tarot and salt and matches and coins...

It's immersive.

There's also a really cool message in the game. You play as someone trying to bring back your dead friend, and also as the dead friend who wants something diametrically opposed to that. When people die, we tend to confine them to reputations and stories that do not contain the whole of them, and this game gets that.

The ritual structure does make the game a little complex, and you may both want to read it through more than once before playing it, but I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes dramatic, intense games. Dead Friend is a heck of a thing, and if you're on the fence, buy it.