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The fourth entry in the Plant Games series, Mossy Mechanics follows the same style as its predecessors. It's quick to learn and easy to play, making it great for one-shots, but it's also surprisingly deep and plays with some concepts that affected me more than I expected it to.

In Mossy Mechanics, you are a clump of sentient moss linked to a greater Moss Mother, but you know that the Moss Mother intends on conquering the world, and you have chosen to stop her.

Of the things I was expecting before I opened the pdf, Werewolf The Apocalypse was not one of them, but that's honestly what my brain keeps comparing Mossy Mechanics to. It's immersive and intense, and it plays with similar themes of your creator being a destructive force while you are a changeable warrior who must determine where you stand.

Build-wise, MM gives you lots of forked choices. You have a choice between two manifestations, and then each of those splits into its own unique choice between locomotion types. Likewise, you have a choice between mods, and each of those mods splits into a choice between traits. On top of that, you can change all of these elements of your character during play (albeit with a 1/day limit.) This is fun, and even in a three page game, it keeps characters feeling varied and custom.

Overall, I would strongly recommend this to anyone who likes small game systems with good crunch and great lore.

Also I am now holding out for a Plant Games cinematic universe and/or setting guide.

Minor Issues:

-Page 2, About The Players' Backgrounds, "commanding bugs to devour other sentient bugs" other sentient plants?

-Dark Secret isn't fully explained anywhere I could see

-Fast-Growing Projectiles lets you roll Raw Magic to hit, but this is what you normally roll to hit, and I think its intended benefit is that it lets you attack at range? I wasn't completely sure.


Thank you so much for this stellar review! It was a delight to read and I will take note of the issues you presented!