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Can you add some graphics settings? Or will they be added later?

Yes, that could be done. 

I am taking care quite regularly of optimization. Graphically wise the game is really light, 3d assets are simple, as are the materials.

May be the post process could gain some tweaks. I'll check that out.

Do you have performance issues? If so could you share your system information?

I am on integrated graphics you see... It isn't that bad though. Another thing I would like is Parkour-ing over obstacles... The current animation feels a little slow. 

Well, in the next build I could surely add a basic automatic Low/Medium/high graphic settings.

About the parkouring, it is planned to do multiple pass on every systems. I first rough out them, and then tweaks, tune, ect. So, hopefully I'll find out a better how to build a better experience for Player :)

Thanks for your feedback, it is really usefull and apreciated!