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After downloading this game long ago, I finally played it. And I must say, there were many pleasant surprises to be found! Thank you for this little gem.

The first thing that caught my attention was the exquisite-looking, modern-feeling menu. Most VNs don't bother putting any effort into it. But while playing To Libertad, I sometimes felt the need to right-click, just to be able to see the little animation when the menu fades in. This detail alone made the game feel much closer to the experience I have when playing top-notch games that come with hefty price tags. Similarly, I appreciated the text box. While most game creators in the GameJams don't think past which colour they want it to have, you opted to make it transparent - a sign of quality in a VN, in my opinion.
Our two main characters are endearing and overall well done. I would have loved to get some additional information about them.

What I personally find to be the weakest part of this VN is the writing itself (the text we read). I do not mean to call it "bad", not at all. Compared to the rest of this high-quality game, I simply noticed more things I thought could be improved. The most important issue I found was that you would sometimes break the established narrative perspective. When that happened, I as the reader was confused - I was expecting Ada to narrate everything, and mostly, she did. Without a transition, you sometimes switched to what seemed to be an omniscent narrator. I believe that those same parts could have been told from Ada's perspective without issue. That way, it could be more immersive.

I absolutely loved the artwork! Especially the backgrounds, wow. At first sight, I thought they were merely low in detail for budget reasons. But then I looked again, and boy was I wrong. Those artworks are deliberately done so that the level of detail is as low as possible. We are only meant to get an idea of what the surroundings look like, the rest is for our imagination to fill. A genius choice for the backgrounds!
Also, that portrait-like image of the slave trader in the beginning actually blew me away. That was on par with the quality of really expensive games. Beautiful art, great job!

Overall, I would have liked just a bit more of the plot to be centered on exploring the main characters and their feelings. There weren't many opportunities for them to really shine and show their colours. The fight with the ogre felt quite forced to me and didn't do much for me in terms of suspense. It could possibly be shortened or removed, giving the characters more time to show personality. Just a suggestion though, I don't mean to say that you did anything wrong.
Finally, seeing the concept art was an awesome cherry on top of this already above-average experience. More VNs should do this, thank you for sharing.