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Thanks for the feedback, yep, you've pretty much caught all the things I was worried about. It's a shame that the game really bogged down for you, since I'm proud of the later levels.

-also, the first battle is supposed to proceed to the town whether you win or lose. I've seen its end trigger at odd times, but never an actual crash.

Most of the mocap I find of action animations are usually meant for swords, that's why I sorta went kick-heavy. There were punching animations, but they didn't travel far. Next time I'll try experimenting with actual sword and staff weapons and see if I can make them better, otherwise I'll do turn-based combat instead.

I'll likely not add to this game, but use the lessons I learned to LaNaval (the game with the frilly dresses) or something else, probably lewd (the lewd games community seems to be very open and supportive and expanding at a massive rate so I'll probably head in that direction (seeing the lack of 3D games as opposed to RPGMaker or pre-rendered games). Of course I'll join in whatever non-lewd jam that happens to occur as well (generally anything with 'waifus' lol).

Oh, I'll pick it up again, I just have to play in small sections, because my wrist bothers me way too much if I use the mouse too often.

I shall clarify about the show stopper: it wasn't a crash, the game just got completely unresponsive - I got to the town with the other girl, but I couldn't do anything either with the controller or the mouse.