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Always glad to have feedback! FYI, this last prototype is a "refreshment" but we fixed some things for the bigger thing.

#1 Agreed, Key Rebind menu is already done in current production version ( not available for public, am sorry). On a larger scale, we will encourage and try to help, exotic bindings and input devices. <3

#2 That has already changed too and the "instrument disruption" method will change according to the difficulty level ( already done in current production version ).

#3 We had a go at this, but haven't found solution so far, we expect it will come over here and then, we don't think it's such a big issue if the zombie flow is well tuned but may be we'll have other tries...We don't find what you suggest "perfect" but will keep that in mind :)

#4 We'll try to figure out how we can exploit that, somehow gets close to what we had in mind for narration but we won't promise things on that for now.

At some point, we will allow players to explores the production versions further but although we have done big steps, the polish is not done yet, so thanks a lot, we'll definetely get back to the community very soon.