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This is an utterly beautiful game with handcrafted art pieces for each action. Its basically a 2 player game in which you take turns to either improve or destroy the Big Bad Wolf's reputation. Oh yeah, I forgot: The Wolf opened a high class restaurant, while the three little piggies work on destroying it. Every turn you get to pick between 8 different locations and around 20 different actions. Will you go to the town hall to lobby for your restaurant, relax at the lake or bring food to the elderly? Those decisions in turn affect your money and reputation, which after 7 days will lead to 1 of 20 endings. It feels more like a boardgame, where you try to decide which action to take, which makes some rounds feel less impactful if the wolf and the pigs just go back and forth, but this is lovely and you can even play it against the PC. 3,5/5

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