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I love the aesthetic of the game. The artwork was pretty and it was clear what things were supposed to be. The ending was very cute and heartwarming, too, though I could definitely see something like that not being as seamless and easy as the main character wants. Could make for an interesting expansion or sequel. 

For the future, I would recommend having varied gameplay. Having so many fetch quests in a row kind of made the story drag on. Some things you could do is vary it with puzzles, battles, friendship moments/story beats, etc. You had some story beats related to fetch quests, but it wouldn't hurt to have some unrelated and reward the player with what to do next with story beats, too. For example instead of having the player deliver an item to a citizen she says no one likes, show that. Have people complaining them. Use conversation to warm up to the quest giver to avoid having to interact with him. There's more that could be done. Instead of 'go find my cat' maybe have it 'help me find my cat' and they could have interactions as they explore together.

Otherwise your story's very wholesome and sweet, your artwork is adorable and I look forward to your future work.