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Is there a way to beat this? 

I've only gotten as far as retrieving the documents a few times now, and then I just wander around revisiting rooms looking for things to do until the monster eventually catches I missing something, or is that last body storage room he teleports you to the last thing you can do?

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To date, the game has been beat by 12 people at our live demo booths. After entering the Ward the elevator will close and stop working, there is an emergency exit in the Ward that may be your best bet (provided you have what you came for). Teleportation is from being knocked out by the monster, presumably you are moved elsewhere after being unconscious for a short time. If you've reached the Morgue room with the single body bag and no doors, you've died and your journey ends. The game can end in either victory or defeat every time you start a new game but there are no checkpoints or load points (as the game is fairly short).

Sorry for the late reply, and best of luck! 

- Val (Project Lead)

Probably won't try again, it wasn't very fun nor scary, but congrats on the release and keep it up!