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Cage of Sand is a solo (or optionally multiplayer) tarot-based timeloop horror game. It's short, has a stark but lovely layout, and comes with a number of safety tools.

It *is* very player-GM'd, and a lot of its mechanics run on interpretation of prompts, so if you're not comfortable telling a lot of your story yourself, you might want to modify some mechanics and appoint a GM.

Overall, this is definitely worth checking out if you enjoy timeloop fiction such as Re: Zero, Tragedy Looper, certain stories about cicadas, Happy Death Day, etc. If you haven't tried timeloop stories yet, or haven't hit one you really enjoy, this is still absolutely a good starting point if you also enjoy horror.

Minor Issues:

-I'm not sure I completely understood the 54321 mechanic. Is it a grounding exercise? An automatic break in gameflow to cut the intensity? That seemed to be the intent, but I didn't spot an explanation outright.


Thanks very much for the review!

54321 is an optional safety tool based on a common grounding technique. My intent was to leave it up to players to decide when/if to use it, but I suggest at least placing the card on the table and glancing over it once per loop as a reminder that it's available if needed. I'll have a look at the wording and see if I can make this clearer. Thanks again :)