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Hello, I just wanted to say that I really liked the game. It was simple, short, and cute. The art style has its own charm. Although the voice acting leaves much to be desired, it really shows that you (or whoever is doing the va) are enjoying the role.

I had a bit of difficulty in the circle puzzle and I was just randomly clicking on the signs, wondering if the Skeleton's words has got something to do with it, when I accidentally got it right. Ahaha, oh well. 

The theme and message was sweet and your game captures it very well. The ending was really cute and I laughed when I saw the "monster." In fact, I really like how the ending explains certain things such as why it's just a one-room puzzle and why the monster was following the sunlight in such a manner.

Thank you for making this. :) I hope you keep making more games or art that are as sincere as this one. 

Thank you for the feedback! No doubt I'm about to create more adventures. A few done you can found in my profile already.

VA team appreciates your attention to voice over :)