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Also, how would one be able to call on properties stored in an actor's behavior? Like, if I wanted to grab the velocity from an object's behavior and that property was public, how would I reference it? Calling Sup.Actor.getBehavior just returns the class itself, not the instance of the class that I'm trying to refer to.


Modifying Sup.Actor,getBehavior() does change the properties of the instance. If you have two actors in a scene with the same behavior and the variable "health" altering "actorA.getBehavior(BEHAVIOR).health" does not affect "actorB.getBehavior(BEHAVIOR).health".

That's interesting, I can't seem to access properties that I've set in the class itself, and am only able to access variables that exist on Sup.Behavior as the superclass.... Strange. I'm sure I can figure it out, though.