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Initially, when a resource ran out the workers actually weren't refunded; which made building houses a much greater priority- but that completely broke the balance of the game and often led to an inescapable pit till you lose. Tower price, in terms of resources is a tricky balance- as most of the time in the case of being attacked you either have barely enough to scrape a tower together, or you have enough to build multiple easily. We did think of adding foot soldiers to attack- which is what walls were originally meant for; except we didnt have the time to put them in. But internal strife, while adding depth and difficulty, off the top of my head would be quite hard to implement a system which is simplistic enough to keep the overall feel of the game, without being tedious. (random events might work?)

We agree; the issue is putting those extra layers of strategy in. though with some thinking and perseverance i hope we can get the right balance

thanks for the feedback