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1. True, a tutorial would be a great help; many seem to struggle to understand a few mechanics, especially the manual harvesting until you get the storehouse.

2. You can right-click to revert the cursor the normal, though it might have needed to be conveyed a bit better perhaps.

3.Happiness I think is too easy to maintain, but when it hits 0% you lose- which is the alternate condition for losing apart from the town centre being destroyed. Rain should have increased the speed of farm growth; however they were already so fast that without a storehouse, rain would become a hassle in most cases.

4. the most poorly conveyed feature is that after harvesting ~120 resources, a lumber shack or quarry will infact run out- returning the initial 2 worker investment. There is no notification of this apart from actually visually noticing it's gone- which definitely needs to be improved upon.

5. We have some (what we think are) good ideas on how to do this- such as a blood moon type of event, where a strong / multiple ships will attack; but the time constraints were too tight for LD (though we are planning on adding this later)

6. thanks bud