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Hi really impressed with the open world thing in VR and I love the look  

 what is the ultimate vision for this game.

inside the game universe. I know your a cop but to allow many users  all different jobs can be added in like a online multi free world interface

its the look and feel that me and many people that are looking for in their virtual world

wouldn't it be great if through a door or portal like in our steam homes take up a flat or residence in your game world./  from steam environment walking into a corridor down in lift to the lower level of the world your team is creating 

I guess its just too much to expect a multiplayer type where freely people can have a residence and chose their job be it someone that works in your club a and the interaction between live users in the club

drug dealers that are real world vr users that the police users are trying to catch 

gambling aspect is there 

people be doing all kind of simulators so why not inside a universe that looks like this 

building some thing that is always expanding and growing no need for new titles just make the world bigger 

im a dreamer 

advertisement from real world entities which can be changed via updates so when fly around u see these change at different times

with the story u given it seems that interaction with other users is unlikely 

 It  may sound stupid but I think virtual real-estate is going to be a thing 

if u build it they will come lol .