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This is a deeply intense, really well structured two-person LARP, where civility is a mask over extremely unequal power and discontent.

It's nine pages, quite easy to read, and leads with an amazing, powerful cover.

Do mind the content warning, though, as well as the full page on how to play it safely. In addition to the game's core power dynamic (between a selkie and the human who holds their skin), there's mechanics around holding your breath for 30 seconds at a time. That plus a charged situation has the potential to be a force multiplier for the game's intensity, which may not be what everyone wants.

I don't think I'm a person who could play Holding My Breath comfortably, but I also think it's very worth adding to your library just to read.

Minor Issues:

-Page 6, "When filling out the notecards for the human" for the selkie?

-Page 8, "When filling out the notecards for the selkie" for the human?

-Page 8, "Give the deck to the human" to the selkie?