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Guide is an extremely cool storytelling game with an almost ritual feel to it.

It does some things mechanically that some groups may have strong feelings about (no one plays a single character, characters are shared between the group,) and it partly relies on a physical prop that comes with the game (a lantern that the group interacts with,) but it's still playable online, and if there's mechanics that don't work for your group, those parts can pretty easily be recalibrated until you're comfortable.

This is worth doing, because Guide is a flavorful setting with an excellent premise. I honestly didn't know I needed French Revolution Persona until I read it, but now that I have, I do.

That said, Guide is quite mechanically complex, and the mechanics often have sort of an odd feel to them, like they're as much divination as they are math. Even if you're used to high mechanical complexity (Shadowrun, Exalted, Eclipse Phase,) you might need to read through things a couple times, or test-play through some of the sequences before you explain it to your group.

The Phantoms included in the book are super neat, and well-described, but there isn't as much data about revolutionary France. The book pretty strongly suggests you don't worry about historical accuracy, but some background knowledge is probably not going to hurt the flavor as long as you're not using it to contradict and penalize other people in the group.

Overall, if you like complex mechanics, storytelling games, and a historical occult milieu, give this a shot.

If you're not a huge fan of the above, the phantoms section is still really cool in its own right, and may be worth checking out anyway.