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This is a pretty cool and fun aerial combat simulation. The graphics are nice, the game sounds realistic, and the controls (after a little practice) are easy to understand. I have been a fan of air combat games since Ace Combat on the PS2. Obviously I will never be able to fly a jet such as this but playing games like this kind of help with that. This game does a great job at trying to truly simulate aerial combat and does a nice job at it for being a simple indie game. I will say, I do have some issues with the game but mainly because it doesn't seem fair that you don't have any flares. The enemy seems to have an infinite amount and yet you have none (unless I just couldn't find the button) which wouldn't be bad except you run out of ammo real quick. But aside from some balancing things this game is on track to be a really cool and intense simulation once its finished. I did a video on my experience with the early access test if anyone is interested.