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Hi,  thank you for your comment!

I'm just one guy, and this is actually the first actual game I have made in the Unity engine. At the moment I am not looking to pull off anything in 48 hours but I will let you know when I have more free time :)

Gotcha! Thanks for the reply anyways, most developers either don't respond to me or agree to it and then compeletely flake out.

It's nice to know that you're not like that. Anyways, I hope you stay safe and enjoy your free time. Also, congrats on making this game, if you didn't know already, I'm pretty sure there's a famous youtuber called Jacksepticeye who's seen the trailer for your game - which is how I recognised it so early - and might plan on playing after he's done whatever he's doing at the moment. He was very enthusiastic about the game and said he'd love to play it!

Link to his yt channel -

He's got 24.3 million subs, 13 billion views (I'm serious) and a very large amount of people (inculding myself) who are heavily influenced by him.

Good luck and take care - faceless, nameless gamedev

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