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I'm busily setting up a Roll20 game to play Escape from Dinosaur Island and I've run into a few questions.  I thought that I'd throw it out to everyone here as before long I'll want to have players to test out the game play. :-) 

So far I've got the character sheets, map, doomsday clock and rumors implemented.  I'm planning on a mix of pop up handouts and 'cards' for the remaining things.

1) is it intended that the players always travel as a group, or should tokens be ready for the players to split off on their own?

2) Should the doomsday clock be hidden until it is running, or is it okay to show it off before hand?

3) should I have a set of tokens ready to be brought in so that the players can make up new places on the map?

Thanks for for your input!    Feel free to message me at senjak <a> comcast dot net if you want to look at my current progress.