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I have barely been able to put this game down since I purchased. I am at least 20 hours in by now and the game isn't even finished. After playing the demo I did not hesitate to pay $25 for this game. There is already more content than half of the games on the Oculus store and the last big update included an infinitely procedurally generated dungeon. In addition a side quest feature was just introduced to add more replay value in the lower levels of the dungeon. In addition the main dungeon can be reset at any time for a new experience.

The first person turn based combat is very fun and satisfying. There are melee weapons, guns and spells, like, lots of spells. The dev seems to come up with new ones constantly and they each have unique effects. You feel like you are in the combat as you swing the sword, literally throw a spell, and dodge the magic attacks coming back at you from the enemies. The combat never feels boring, even when revisiting the lower powered enemies to complete side quests. 

The characters and story have a good sense of humor. The procedurally generated dungeons add immense variety, and the devs really take pride in their work and have great interaction with the players.