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It's a little more complex and containing additionally fiddly bits than other PBtA-type games, So printing out some of the summary or reference sheets to keep handy is *very* helpful. But I loved the air combat? It really felt more....appropriate.

Within a single mission, my Fischervolk pilot made contact with the spirits of dead Gothan soldiers and found herself tasked with the job of returning their remains back to their families.....regardless of the fact that Gothans might not take well to some random fishlady showing up with a body bag. Oh well!!

And our shy Survivor ended up demanding, 'fuck you, pay us' to our patron and we found ourselves trying to collect the money we were bayonet-point.

Now we have to figure out how to recoup costs! By....finding a buyer....for the highly dangerous (and possibly self-willed???) clockwerk soldiers. You know. Those weapons of war that fucked up our homes. Yeah. Let's give *THOSE* to somebody because we need the money.

I'd love to play it again.....and I....kinda...wanna.....try hacking it to do sci-fi games like Cowboy Bebop and ragtag bands of space truckers+revolutionaries.

My single regret is that I cannot YET purchase a physical copy. Or give this 6 stars.