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so far this game has a lot of potential, and i like the Killing Floor like style, but for all the good there is bad. one major problem with the game is that all the menus are a bit too far away so the quest renders them like a bunch of moving ants, which makes the menus way to hard to read, though this is not a problem with the HUD when playing a round. for all the depth this has with weapon quantity, they all feel really basic and lining up shots will be something to get used to if you have gotten used to other VR shooters. this game feels like it was not made with VR in mind, and i think because this is basically a mobile port thats obvious, but i REALLY hope they work on making this game feel better, and the main things that i think would help this game a bunch is making it so that you can use your other hand to stabalize a weapon, and the ability to manually reload by removing the magazine and putting in a new one. as it is as of launch you press A on the controller to start and stop the reloads, which is not really making use of the touch controllers in any meaningful way. if they added manual reloading and for snipers and shotguns especially, to cock the shotgun and put in another round in bolt action snipers, it would be much more immersive. as it is right now, i would say this game is worth 4 dollars, but be aware that you are paying more for the potential of the game at the moment. im being harsh on this game but i really do like it, as i love the killing floor games; it looks really good, but there are so many small problems that could be a whole new topic that it feels lacking.

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Hey Sparklthecat, glad to hear you like Rest In Pieces! As for the MainMenu "pixelation", this will be fixed soon on next update! For the reload won't be implemented, unleast not for common weapons. If you progress enough and try higher difficulties you will understand that actually you don't have time to make manual reloads but only shoot as fast and accurate as you can :-)  Please join Discord channel to discuss further on shooting behaviour and more :-)

could I get a link to the discord? I would love to join

sure mate!