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With seven games in one eight page document, this is kind of a trove of short warmup games and minigames. It doesn't hurt that there's a bunch of charming art, either.

The games are, by the author's admission, not tested, so you might run into minor issues when you play. That said, the one possible problem I spotted was easy to houserule, so nothing is truly broken, either.

A lot of the games here do require going somewhere (outside, to a library, etc,) but definitely not all of them, and there's several that are perfect for online play.

Out of the collection, Famous International Experts stood out to me the most---a game where you skim a book you've never read for a minute and then give a talk on what it's about. This is both a great exercise in improvisation, and maybe also a useful tool for getting comfortable with public speaking, as it trains your ability to keep talking even when you've got almost nothing to go on.

Several of the later games are sort of just...gamifications of regular hanging out, so overall the collection has a really chill tone, and I think that's its core appeal.

If you like social games, short games, and all-ages games, check this out.

If you like D20 adventure games, you may still want to pick this up, as Wink Wink makes for a great little minigame to drop into an adventure.

Minor Issues:

-In Wink Wink, there's no clause for what happens if no one gets any passwords right.

-God's Diner technically requires involving people who are not playing / don't know they're being involved. Depending on how you feel about glancing at strangers passing by in public and then whispering a bunch, you may want to play this with imagined strangers instead.

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