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I'm not Digital Poppy, but for what it's worth, I went and replayed after reading this comment! (SPOILERS AHEAD) My gut instinct has always been to help Trixie stand up for herself and her needs, but I also kept getting the ending where she wrote on the walls, no matter which one it was w/r/t the cabin. This time around I took some of the shyer/more anxious choices, and Trixie seemed to take things differently insight wise (scissors instead of knife, 'dark figure' was a bathrobe, unafraid of parsnip, etc). Other than my social actions, it was the same playthrough as before. However, she wrote her report on paper rather than on the walls, so hey, advocating for her needs def impacts her insight somehow!

EDIT: Of course, NOW I can't decide which ending corresponds to high insight and which is low. Maybe she writes on her walls because she saw The Truth and it broke something (very Lovecraft)! Maybe she writes on the walls because she's having a stress related meltdown and none of the spooky shit is real! Who knows!