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I too share concerns of the Missile tracking and Target Acquisition System in the game. I was going to mention them In my previous review but it started to get way too long. Im not going to say that either system is currently broken. The TAS in the game should be adjusted though. It seems to be looking for the closest enemy in the field of view out to like 140 degrees. This or a system similar to this makes it difficult to track the target we were originally pursuing. Forcing the player to smash the target button over and over before we get the right one. I think the system should look for the closest target in the direction the player is pitching towards primarily. A double tap of the target button should scan for the nearest target secondarily. That would fix the current situation. But there is room for you to integrate Intel's eye tracking technology in this system as well. For the most part our eyes usually remain fixated on targets we are having trouble getting the game to acquire. If we had a system that automatically targeted what we were looking at, needless to say would fix a decades old problem.

Now as far as the missile system goes. The game loses its arcade feel the more that missiles seem to miss there target for no reason at all. The missile mechanics seem to be from missiles early in the development of long range Air to Air combat in the 70s. This may be by design however it will start to run you into (realism) problems if you try to add in aircraft like the F 22 with Aim 9x and Aim 120D missiles that have extreme maneuverability and Su 35S/F35 with its helmet mounted bore sight missile tracking system. You will end up with a choice do you add overpowered missiles into your game that never miss. Or do you add a meta game into the current system to explain why missiles dont track when they should?

So currently missiles right fully do not track when the player is engaging in a high G turn. However, if you were to incorporate the AIM 9x in a future update. That missile can be fired and accurately track a target at mach 1.8 at 9+ G. This will be an issue to use this missile because it will either never miss if its its coded for reality or will miss all the time like they do in the current system. I say keep the missile track system currently and add a feature in the HUD that shows 3 new things. 1 the G force being applied to the plane. (granted it may make you want to add some kind of G lock to the pilot for black outs and red outs) If the player can see the g forces being applied to the air-frame then they are able to understand its meaning as to why there missile seem to go off in the distance when shot at close range. This will make 1v1s that much more nail biting because mistakes from over zealously will be punishing. The second and third thing would be aesthetics by having the HUD have two modes and missile mode and a gun mode. In the missile mode. Have the theoretical path of the missile follow the intended target via a line that curves to show how the missile would track. This would show the player whether or not the missile has a good chance of hitting the target. This system can be seen in real life modern day aircraft now in training sim mode. With this amount of info to the player you could drastically reduce the amount of missiles to a more closer to a realistic situation and also increase the enemy AI difficulty. Having a similar system to the guns to show how much the player needs to lead the target in order to land bullets on the targets trajectory would also be a nice touch.