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Really cool game! As others have mentioned, the atmosphere is very similar to Rusty Lake, even down to the slightly unnerving feeling as you progress through the game. I personally loved how the room would change the more you completed the requirements. That, along with the chilling wind sound, kept me on edge the whole time, so if you're planing on continuing work on this or on a sequel, I'd definitely encourage you to keep that sort of tension in :)

Also, it was a very pleasant surprise to see that this game is based on romanian folklore! The fact that the screenshots of the room looked very similar to what you'd find in romanian museums, the original name of the game "Zestre" and the name "Mamaie" Hristova made me ask whether this was about romanian folklore and it's really cool to see that it is!

The only (small) negatives I can think of are that sometimes the historical information feels a little too much like exposition text and not like something the caracter would say, and the text boxes. I would prefer if you would click on an object to open the first text and then the following clicks would advance the text. As it is now I didn't know at the beginning that I was missing some information because I didn't click on the object multiple times.

But even with those small gripes, the game is still great and I'm really looking forward to see what you guys work on next!


Thanks a lot for the kind words, we're happy you've enjoyed playing Winterlore!

We actually thought about if we should keep the text boxes continuous or isolated. We settled on the latter as we didn't want to force people into too long of an exposition dump, haha! But we do understand the grievances so we'll keep them in mind for our next episode!

-MS 🖤