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Just a short first look at Intercut. If you like what you see, consider giving the devs a shout out and follow their game.

Hey Whit30

Thank you for the support, we are working on fixing those bugs and finishing the 1st chapter.

No problem. If, you want me to do an update video on it let me know.

Hello Whit!

We've updated Intercut from Beta to the demo version!
If you could download it and comment the game, we'll be glad to check it out !

Your review is very important for us. ☺

Alright, finally got off my lazy butt and did a recording of the newest (1.0.2). I'll have it uploaded and posted here sometime. I had a couple issues with some of the controller keys not working and the bat disappearing when you pull out the flashlight.  I didn't fully test it with just the keyboard though, so it might just be issues only with using a controller.