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A new build has been released, which fixes a whole plethora of bugs and issues.

I have finally managed to get rid of that annoying Leap Motion error, that has been plaguing the game for the past 12 months!

Change log below

  • Sort the hand transform on the first level, can't transform back
  • force the player to upgrade jump with first two upgrade points
  • increase the hit box of the attack, it's too precise
  • Increase the size of the interaction box for the switches
  • upgrade menu choice swapping, the text displays both for a second
  • Level003 has Z clashing at the entrance to the saw room and the axe room
  • Spike hit boxes can still inflict damage when the spikes aren't out.
  • look a the force in which the player is thrown back when attacked by a player
  • decrease the difficulty of the star points. Need to actually give people some upgrade points.
  • Make the hand token respawn if the player dies
  • add a skip button to the narration parts
  • remove the platform collision feature.

If you haven't already, please be sure to pop over to the Steam Greenlight page and show your support for Steve! He is getting ever so lonely over there, all on his own.

Grab a copy of the new build from here