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Just finished playing the demo and really love it so far, more then I thought I would originally. Its sad to the me the demo ended on the first day at Yuri's job/internship, I personally would love to learn more what Eri and maybe Aaila are like kind of personally. 

Strangely I kind of like Eri and think she is interesting and so like a human that you get no feeling she is a robot, except her appearance, sadly. I have a feeling beside her sometime put-offish attitude and I guess boredom she might be unhappy with what I learn I sort of understand and would want to do more then being stuck in that building. Although people seem to treat her like a normal human, even in her situation. I think that once the game is out, would love to play her path.

As for Aailia, not so sure. Its hardly to think her as human like, even with her appearence. Still it is sad how she is treated or those that sort of ignore her and sadly she has no real understanding of it. The only time she seems to have any really human like interest/joy is taking care of plants, and I guess that it. Might be curious of taking her path someday one the game is out.

Sadly not much on Mika, she seems cool. But I guess not quite as interesting to take a path on as Eri or Aailia, but that could change once I play the full game.

Well, keep up the good work and hope we get to see the full game someday, maybe in the near future...