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Two-player games, by their format, tend to be extremely focused things. Wet Cigarette doubles down on this, and then some.

I would not advise playing it with a partner, and although safety mechanics would fully blunt the impact of the game, that's probably a good thing, and you should have one on deck. At minimum, if you're both feeling daring, have a panic button that you can hit to stop things.

Again, Wet Cigarette does not mess around. It's just a page, but it asks you to bleed your personal life into the game, it frames a scenario that is already high emotional intensity, and it mixes that with little bits of ritual (rolling dice, lighting candles, extinguishing candles) to maintain an effective atmosphere.

I don't know that this is a thing I would play, but if you are unafraid of being emotionally destroyed and you have a non-romantic friend who feels similarly, this may be worth checking out.