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Thank you!! The game took about three years of dev time and a good chunk of that was just me reading up on pointless, cool facts about 18th century language and living, then dumping a lot of them into Astor's scenes and dialogue, since they're meant to be the kind of awful person who'd know every single trendy insult for a Scotsman. Of every fact I picked up my favourite is still that prior to the invention of matches (which was way later than I assumed?) the fastest way of lighting a fire was to shove some tinder in a detached pistol mechanism and hope the gunpowder did the trick -- I rewrote a whole chunk of the end sequence to fit that in because of how excited I was about it. There are a lot of choices like that that make it a messy game in retrospect but hopefully the passion of them makes the messiness excusable, ahaha.

Hope you enjoy Catacomb Prince, too! It's not as thoroughly-researched because it's an otherworld setting, but it's got some odds and ends, mostly re: Renaissance art. The trade-off is that it has a boxing match with the fantasy Pope. Who can say which is better...?

(I've added your details to my artist list, and I'll let you know if there's anything relevant! I clicked through your profiles and I love the attention to detail on the clothes/backgrounds/etc -- cool stuff!)