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Cool thingy. The cutscenes felt a bit too random to me, but I liked them. Also the overall puzzle, means collecting the batteries was fun. Dialogues were done really well: no gameplay interruption and minimum HUD.

I think it would be cool if you could also pick up objects with a mouse click and not just with a keypress. I liked the radio "secret" and would like to have more stuff like that. Also in the outside world.  You know I would like to pick up the fake cars and throw them around....yeah would be a different game i guess. Sorry ;-)

After the first "death" the girl could maybe ask herself something like "Wah..? What did happen?"
Is ist also correct, that I still have the radio after I died? ...and when I replay I would like to be able to skip the cutscenes.

Keep on! I'm interested on what is coming next :-)