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Oh, I thought that the gift at the end was related to the fact that I chose the hands that were incomplete. When I chose them, the demon said that they'd always left bits of his hands behind to the others like me he'd met. 

So I assumed that they'd left a piece of his hands behind because I'd picked that option, but now I might rethink it lolz

Did you also chose the incomplete hands? It might still be a reference to them after all


I too choose the same hands. But I think this scene never changes. I thought about what the gift could be other than a part of the hands, but maybe it is exactly that, and only people who choose to listen to this option know the gift.  

I just really want to hear the thoughts of others :) Thank you for sharing what you were/are thinking about!

Np at all! It was actually really interesting for me to realize it lolz I just genuinely assumed it was a piece of it and never gave it any second thoughts rip

Thanks for putting things into perspective for me(and I'm guessing for others too)  :)