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Hello! This game looks amazing and i'm dying to try out the demo, sadly i cant seem to intall it. this is most likely a problem on my part i just wanted to make sure.

Hi Zeeloo! Thank you for checking us out. Can you tell us which system you run (Windows or Mac + version), and whether you're trying to launch the game directly or by using client?

Hi! thank you so much for getting back to me. I use a windows 10. And i try to download it from the itchio desktop client. Thanks again!

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No problem, Zeeloo! There might be some issues with client (we haven't sorted them out yet), so if you don't want to wait, I suggest downloading the game directly from our website (, unpacking RAR and launching Minotaur021.exe

That should do the trick! But let us know if it doesn't.

Thank you! It's a wonderful demo and i cant wait for the full game!

Thank you, Zeeloo! We're glad that you were able to launch it. And even more so that you liked it :D We hope you'll play the full game once it's out!