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A very sweet and short game, both gentle and real, and delightfully hot. I definitely appreciated how normal it all felt- no "but you're a girl! .A." dialogue, no forced "am I gay?" moment, just a sweet, passionate, (if a touch repetitive as other have mentioned before me,) lovingly written romance between two girls. There were a few lines that, I think, could have used some tweaking (I felt a little weird about calling the vagina a "canal", that's kind of... a clinical term?), but with how few sexy words there are for female anatomy, that's really not a huge concern.

I'm just a touch pouty that I didn't encounter the fabled "spanking" bit as the content flags reference, but something tells me that I'm not done just yet anyway. :)

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The Spanking encounter happens after you say no twice when she asks to make you feel good with her mouth. You can either punish her or let her go, which leads to you tickling and fingering her.