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When will version 3.2.8 be available for Android? I've scored the internet trying to figure out how to update my current panzer Marshall app or download the most current version and I'll at a loss... Please help,  I've been dying to play the new Pacific campaigns... Then my second issue I've voiced before but the level of difficulty is lacking I feel like, i know that historical is supposed to be the most difficult but could you possibly make another 1 or 2 levels of difficulty past historical? Like basically just giving the computer extra units and/or making the units that the computer has, a higher quality unit instead... With the highest level just utter insanity... And another issue I've voiced is regarding the experience system, once a unit gets their leader then there is no more point to them gaining experience which is kind of disappointing so maybe instead of just one good leader, (with 2 great benefits) maybea unit gains a minor leader with 1 minor benefit every couple 100 points then a major leader after 1000-1500 points