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SPOILER WARNING AHEAD ON THE ENDING (i hope its ok to put my review on here as i dont know how you can see reviews on here, im sorry for any inconvience i just want people to see my thoughts on some issues i have with this book (which is probably just me overthinking things to an extreme degree)

This was a good read, though I WAS NOT along for the ride comfortly, i genuinely mid-story, stopped reading because i was worried, as while you should stop overthinking things, you should still THINK IN GENERAL, the ending felt a bit weird and just has this looming feeling of something being wrong, sure its a "happy ending" but (thank god for me wasting hours on tvtropes) its what can be best described, at least for me as a Esoteric Happy Ending, as what just happened is not right as she never knew of this and may have backed out, also is the fact is that she does not know who the old people are, im not entirely sure who they are but i get the feeling they are Probably her parents or grandparents, thats GENUINELY concerning. while it sounds silly she would forget her parents, she did forget her birthday There are also some other ramifications, like for example, she was a cat for a entire year, would that have an effect on her lifespan or will it not, im probably overthinking this stuff, since despite being gone for a entire year, she still has her job and nobody questions her being a catgirl now, hell the odd part is that her friend Sashajoins in on the fun at the end with 2 lifetime memberships which Izzy willing agrees to be the only payment needed for being a cat for a year instead of the intended weekend. jesus there is so much wrong with this ending, im sorry for overthinking but the under reaction to everything that happened makes me wonder if she is still under the effects of the loss of some sentience, i know this isnt what the author intended but this is what i got from this, this is crazy. so how'd i rate it? 5 stars, while i didnt get the intended result, i got alot to think about and tore into this book like a 9th grade english teacher. i got too much meaning  in the wrong places and i feel like i didnt get the actual message, still its a good read and i recommend. (trust me that im not giving this 5 stars just because she became a catgirl, i like it since i got way too much to think about from this)