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This game is really cool, but I feel that the controls are clunky.  Too many actions rely on a single button when there are plenty of other buttons that can be used to do them. 

Wall jumping feels awkward as well, latching on to walls feels stiff. The wall sliding is great though.

You really begin to feel how clunky things are when you get to stage 3 where you end up with a lot of platforming and aerial enemies. Having every action but jumping bound to a single button really handicaps the player when you're sliding around on ice in between enemies, spikes, and pits.

Once again, I think this game is cool, conceptually, graphically, and even the game play mechanics. I just feel that the control is holding it back.


Thanks for the feedback! The game was released in 2012, so it's eight years old now and while there are definitely things I'd change if I were making it now. I'm actually mostly happy with how it controls (at least on a gamepad, not so much on keyboards).  To me there is a certain rhythm you get from the two button controls that would be lost if they were split up.

I gave a short talk about my thoughts on the controls back in 2013 if your curious about them (sorry about the audio quality!).

This isn't to say you're wrong to dislike them, more that they were thoughtfully created to a specific, admittedly idiosyncratic taste, and that taste may not be for everyone.  

Glad you're enjoying the game for the most part despite disliking the controls!